Redefining Your Perception on Marriage

So many singles just hear that people are getting married and want to do same for the wrong reasons. They do not know what they are getting themselves into. The glamour of the wedding beclouds their judgement and the promise of a happy life ever after propels them to make decisions with their heads and not their hearts. No matter how many marital books you read or marriage seminars you attend, you can never be too prepared for marriage. There’s nothing like the real deal, so learn to manage your expectations so that you don’t get disappointed. Many singles think that they will be good marriage counselors because of the wealth of knowledge they garnered from books, only to get married and realize that it is easier to assess others than to be assessed. They soon discover the difference between literature and reality.

Many people have painted for themselves, a lovey-dovey picture about marriage portrayed by Rom-Com movies and Romance novels and this make singles fantasize and anticipate a perfect marriage. Romance is a good thing but just before you dive in, stop and ask yourself if you’re actually thinking before acting; The reason is because we

Choosing Your Perfect Engagement Ring

This article is written to give you an overview of the areas that you need to consider when choosing your perfect engagement ring. It is intended to be of equal use to those choosing a ring for themselves (or at least those involved in the choice!) or those choosing an engagement ring for their partner. There are many, many areas to consider when choosing an engagement ring and the whole project can seem very daunting at first. You should start by getting a broad understanding of all of the areas that you need to consider. These include the following items:

– Choosing a wonderful quality diamond to be the centre point of your engagement ring
– Choosing the shape of your diamond cut (it is extremely important to get his right if you are choosing a ring for someone else)
– Deciding on the metal for the setting (you should take colour into consideration, and also whether the wearer has any allergies)
– Deciding on the style of the setting (again, this is very important if you are choosing a ring for another person)
– Considering alternative gemstones to diamonds

Once you have thought broadly about

Let’s Talk About It: A Model of Communication

It is All Around Us

We, unfortunately, live in a world where conflict is all too frequent. It is in our workplaces, our schools, our neighborhoods, and our homes. The subject matter for this conflict are many. However, every conflict has some common threads. They all involve two, or more, people and they typically involve some form of communication.

In this article we discuss a typical model of communication. We want to highlight those areas most susceptible to giving way for conflict.

The Three Cs

We believe some definitions are important. All communication includes what I call the three Cs. There is content (C1) which includes the words, signs, or symbols that we use to convey a message to others.

There is context (C2), which includes the circumstances that form the background of a message to another. This includes the event that gives rise to the communication as well as one’s perspectives and beliefs surrounding the event.

Then there is the construct (C3) of communication. This includes the phrasing, tone, pitch, and volume of the message.

All of these elements combine to form a complete communication. Moreover, any element that is

Love As an Emotion

I am now talking to the male part of any relationship because the male is normally the leader in any relationship. So, men, what will happen if your love for your wife or girlfriend relied on your emotions, or on your feelings? Today, you could cherish her, caress her, care for her, hug and kiss her. Tomorrow, you might feel totally different. You might slap her around a bit, shout and scream at her, ignore her, deride her. Because that is exactly what feelings are all about. Emotions play games on your feelings all the time. And the game changes every day, every minute. Think now of how confusing for the poor lady you have as a girlfriend or wife. She wants your attention, she says she loves you and has chosen you to be her mate, friend, and husband, whatever. But she is afraid of you because you are so much stronger as her, and she knows at any time you could burst into one of your tirades with disastrous consequences for her. Maybe a broken nose, a black eye, cracked ribs. Men who do this to any woman should

10 Common Relationship Issues of Married Couples and Ways to Deal With Them

No marriage is perfect and relationship issues cannot be avoided in a long-term relationship like marriage. There are a number of issues that married couples go through and here are the common relationship issues couples usually deal with.

Differences in values. Although couples are united as one under the matrimony of marriage, the truth cannot be denied that they are two individuals raised differently and have different set of values. The differences in values can lead to arguments and misunderstandings. One way to deal with differences in values is to learn to choose your battles. If you cannot win against your spouse, learn to accept things as they are or agree to disagree. But it is better to find a middle ground and compromise. Marriage is the union of two individuals and you both have to learn to co-exist and love each other despite your differences to create a harmonious family.

Infidelity. One of the common relationship issues that can lead to divorce is infidelity or cheating. An affair can ruin your marriage and can have a long lasting effect on your children. Infidelity is not only about physical or sexual infidelity but

Five Rules for a Happy Marriage

I am now the father of two married sons.

Until last week, I was the father of one married son and one engaged son. Last weekend, the elder Marcus and his fiancĂ©e exchanged vows at a lovely ceremony filled with joy, laughter and happy tears (most of which were mine). Toasts were made. Shouts of “mazel tov” rang from the ceiling. Well wishes were abundant. I’m sure they’re going to do really well.

However, that’s not the case for so many. As I learned many years ago,

“Fifty percent of all marriages in divorce. Of those that remain, 90 percent end in boredom. If you want to be the five percent that stay happy, it’s going to take some work.”

To that end, I’ve looked back on over two decades of being in a happy, supportive marriage with my lovely, talented, creative (very patient) wife and I pass along my own take on how to stay married – and happy – over the long term.

Rule #1: Love your partner for who she is today, not whom you think you can make her into “down the road.”

Assume she is as good

Your Engagement Ring: Rebuild It and They Will Come

Bringing someone back from the dead is a scary idea, especially if you never liked them in the first place. But what about resurrecting a favorite necklace or engagement ring? Inevitably, some of those items are lost, broken or simply wear down. In some cases, the damage may be irreparable, but often it just takes an expert to nurture that jewelry back to health.

Depending on the circumstances, there are a number of ways to make an old favorite new again. Whether it’s a beaten up brooch or embattled engagement ring, custom jewelers may well have a solution for restoring, rebuilding or repairing it.

Don’t Dis Repair

For seemingly delicate creatures, it’s amazing the abuse that can be weathered by a quality piece of custom jewelry such as an engagement ring. Jewelers have seen and heard it all, from tumbles on the ski slope to unplanned trips down the garburator.

So don’t panic if you scrape the leftovers into the sink and your precious ring goes along for the ride. Retrieve it (AFTER turning off the garbage disposal) and take it to a skilled custom jeweler. It’s quite possible that by straightening out the

Will You Marry Me? Four Simple Little Words, That Mean So Much

Since my social gathering, thoughts took me back my own marriage proposal, some 16 years ago. I had imagined how it might unfold; we had talked about marriage and family, so I knew it would arise at some point. Would it be full of romance, flowers, a candle-lit dinner and my future husband down on one knee, eloquently pledging his undying love for me! Well, not exactly – after a drunken evening in a local nightclub, you know the ones, with sticky ‘beer soaked’ carpets and dated disco tunes; he turned around to me and said ‘How about it then, shall we get married? Not the dreamy scene I had hoped for, but of course, I said ‘yes’ and we have been happily married with 2 children and a dog for the last 14 years.

How many of us wait in anticipation for our partners to pop “the question?” Then are disappointed when either, it never happens or when it does, it doesn’t live up to our own expectations. Dreams of being whisked off to a secret exotic location, a special evening in the finest restaurant, and then finally having plucked up the courage to ask, and

Any Relationship Can Use a Tune-Up

Do you ever feel like you are never listened to? Or perhaps no one responds to you when you are talking. This can be extremely frustrating and lead to fights and an extremely unsatisfying relationship. How can you improve your connections with your significant other that will pay off in dividend? Here are some communication “tune-up” tips that work:

First, in order to communicate effectively, you have to have the other person’s attention. The best way to do that is to look your partner in the eye. When you have connected eye contact, you are better able to read body language, such as nodding or facial expressions to confirm you are both present.

Second, another key aspect of this process is active empathetic listening. This process shows that you understand what is going on inside of the mind of the speaker as if you were that person. It is not enough to just say that you heard your spouse’s words; you need to show that you know how the other person feels.

How do you show that? By reflecting back what was said to you both verbally and nonverbally. For example, a wife comes through

How to Communicate Lovingly and Respectfully to Your Spouse or Beloved

By practicing mutually respectful communication, couples improve committed relationships. Couples tend to lose control of communication if they make spontaneous statements without first reflecting on the importance that the message will have for the other person. Words are so important that it is advisable to weigh them well before speaking. Furthermore, words should be sincere. Many of us were raised in families that were loud and expressive. Shouting and raising one’s voice was the norm as a learned habit. It is time to break those bad habits in order to encourage positive and productive communication between significant people in our lives who love one other.

First, the expression of ideas never should be lies to manipulate the other person. Ideas that come from our mouths need to be expressed sincerely and devoid of ulterior motivation. The communicator should be authentic, another term for being natural and true. Such authenticity exemplifies kindness and revealing the real person beneath exterior appearances. He should convey the opinion that the other person is also free to be herself.

If one measures her words well to convey the intended messages without ambiguity, she will reap the rewards of mutual understanding. There